People-powered rideshare analytics

People-powered rideshare analytics


Driver’s Seat is a driver-owned cooperative committed to data democracy. We’re empowering gig workers and local governments to make informed decisions with insights from their rideshare data. Take control with Driver’s Seat.


Learn from your driving data

On-demand drivers use the Driver’s Seat app to track and share their data with Driver’s Seat Cooperative.



Get Insights

We pool and analyze driving data to deliver unique insights that help our customers understand shared mobility and logistics in their community.


What can Driver’s Seat do for you?


Rideshare Drivers


Optimize your earnings with the Driver’s Seat app.

What are the best times to make money that fit my schedule?

Where should I drive when it’s slow? 

What are the odds that I’ll make that bonus?

We’re helping on-demand drivers take control and maximize their earnings with free data insights. Just sign into the app, track your rides, and get more money for work you’re already doing.


Cities and Transportation Agencies

Make data-driven decisions with mobility analytics from your city.

City planners and agencies are in the dark when it comes to rideshare data. You need more information to make decisions about congestion, pollution and affordable transit.

With Driver’s Seat’s proprietary analytics, you’ll get the information you need to understand how ridershare relates to transit, how to reduce congestion and VMTs, and how rideshare and delivery impact the curb.


Did you know we’re driver-owned?

Driver’s Seat Cooperative collects and sells mobility data to city agencies so they can make better transportation planning decisions. When the Driver’s Seat Cooperative profits from data sales, driver-owners receive dividends and share the wealth. We’re monetizing data by the people, for the people. How’s that for fair?


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